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ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES GLOBAL IMPACT (under construction)

The identification and quantification of Olympic Games Impact comprise a fundamental intention of the International Olympic Committee. The need of formation of an intersubjective valuation methodology, which could be implemented in each Olympiad and provide a reliable and comparable assessment of its suasion, is therefore significantly highlighted.

In this framework, the IOC commissioned in September 2000 the International Sports Science and Technology Academy (AISTS) of Lausanne to fabricate such an analysis tool. As a result, AISTS accomplished in September 2001 the study 'Olympic Games Global Impact (OGGI) project - Framework of analysis for identifying the global impact of the Olympic Games'. The study comprises an integrated holistic approach, which attempts to spherically cover the plethora of the influenced fields in a multidimensional spatiotemporal level.

The suitably modified implementation of this study for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games is a contractual commitment of the Organizing Committee. This research mandate is encharged by the Ministry of Culture chiefly to the National Technical University of Athens, Sector of Industrial Management and Operational Research.

The project aims to calculate the most significant impact indicators of the Athens Olympic Games, on the basis of data from the period 1996 - 2004. These indicators cover the three basic sectors of Greece's sustainable development: Environment, Society and Economy. It is noted that all countries implementing OGGI projects are obligated to follow the indicators defined by the AISTS and to continuously monitor and update them. The implementation of the Athens OGGI project is monitored by a committee consisting of experts comissioned by the Ministry of Culture with the participation of an representator of Athens 2004 initially, who was replaced after the Athens 2004 committee windup by a IOC representative.

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